Tulleken Executive Search since March 12

The year 2020 got off to a fantastic start, resulting in 18 current assignments in March. This was going to be my best year ever, I was convinced. And then came Corona. An initial offer was withdrawn, ongoing interviews between clients and candidates were cancelled. And all for the well-known reason: global hiring freeze. On the one hand, I can no longer hear those words; on the other hand, I have nothing but understanding for everyone’s situation. Everything went on hold except for two assignments. Advantage: nice and clear! In addition, it gave time to think about the business I’m in and whether this is really it for me. I was out of that pretty quickly: YES!

Even though I am not back-to-back in calls like many people around me, I can relate. Especially after I have come to the conclusion that in this day and age, there are also people and companies who handle Corona creatively without overstepping the set limits. In that context, Van Odijk lawyers gave me two assignments with the addition: start looking for suitable candidates and by the time you have found people, we will see how we are then Coronate-technically.

And client Forbion also allowed the ongoing assignment to continue and saw the remaining candidate one more time with some colleagues after virtual interviews. In the office with over 2 meters apart, simulating a “normal” working atmosphere. Result: offer and acceptance! And that stimulates enormously!

That we are all in a tough time should be obvious. Successful assignments and enthusiastic clients are bright spots for me and only confirm what I already thought; this work is my passion and full of good spirits and self-confidence I continue to look for people for the ongoing assignments!