Suzanne Beijersbergen

What does a perfect day at the office look like to you?
At least my perfect day at the office contains plenty of variety. As an attorney in mergers and acquisitions, it is often difficult to plan your day precisely and last minute work that needs attention often comes up. This provides plenty of variety and challenge. I get energy from that.

Do you prefer to work alone or together? And why? What are your hobbies besides work?
I prefer to work as part of a team . When you work together on a project you get different insights and opinions, in my opinion this allows you to better advise the client. Besides work, I like to meet up with friends and play tennis a lot. In addition, I love theater.

What do you find most unique about yourself?
I have a great sense of responsibility and am practical. If I am a working on something or going for something I want it to be completed with a good result without much fuss.

How would your best friend describe you?
As committed, honest and social.

What is your ultimate business goal?
My goal is to remain useful and together with my team to build a beautiful practice in which everyone is full of energy. It is important to have fun in your work, this leads to the best results!