Philip in winter

A new season in a still weird time. And so again a personal word from me. I am very curious to hear your stories and experiences. But I will kick off.
I am in the fortunate circumstance that the curfew and other measures regarding Corona have little impact on my business for now. The first placement in 2021 has been realized, I have been instructed to look for suitable candidates for partner positions, and the remaining assignment portfolio is also well filled. I had not dared to hope for this, so I am favorably inclined for this year!

Yet a daily worry about the future has arisen for me as well. Does the need for filling nice positions remain so great? Don’t people get tired of working from home creating a resignation? Do people have the space in their heads at all now to think about another job during this “quite” long period? All uncertainties that I would like answers to.
Not to mention home schooling. This makes for a whole different interpretation of work. But dealing with this situation creatively makes me work in a more structured way and get to the point faster: the feeling that you don’t always get what you would like to get done in one part of the day indicates that there is thus more work than expected for me!
So I feel at least as passionate and enthusiastic as I did in the summer! Digital sparring and sometimes 1-on-1 in my office remain joy-makers.

Can I help you by having digital coffee with you or are you getting a position unfilled within your organization? If so, please feel free to contact me.

Warm regards,

Philip Tulleken