Philip in the summer

There are times during the year when you have the opportunity to reflect in peace for a while. One of those moments was now. For example, I have been allowed to spend the past few weeks in Lenzerheide, overlooking the Heidsee, with clear blue sky while enjoying a beer.

During one of these days, I was delighted by a phone call telling me of a new assignment at a very experienced level. How glad I was to hear my phone and answer the call. Every year I resolve to let vacations really be vacations, leave my laptop at home and throw my phone in the corner. But soon I realize: I can vacation whenever I want, the advantage of being self-employed, but I never have a full vacation. Because a potential client as I just wrote with such a phone call you do want to answer or at least call back quickly.
Does that feel annoying I wonder? Can I ever let go? The answer is clearly no. Thinking about or working on my business passion every day gives me a thrill. With or without a phone and laptop, all sorts of things are going through my head anyway, and how nice is it that beautiful strokes are made during the vacations. It’s a wonderful feeling! And now nice and extra charged with it!