Nicole Meijs

What does a perfect day at the office look like to you?
Starting early before others arrive, as soon as other colleagues come in, a little time for socializing (catching up), lots of contact with clients, finishing to-do list completely and going home somewhat on time.

Do you prefer to work alone or together? And why?
I prefer to work together, because I like it better during the process itself, but also at the conclusion of a case. Being able to consult during the process adds a lot of value, and celebrating a successful completion together with someone is much more fun than alone!

What are your hobbies besides work?
timewith my family, playing sports and being outdoors, preferably with a nice snack and drink.

What do you find most unique about yourself?
perseverance and my open character.

How would your best friend describe you?
Caring, reliable, tad impatient and straightforward.

What is your ultimate business goal?
To have a substantively challenging job where I add value and can work with great colleagues.