Nick van Dijk

What does a perfect day at the office look like to you?
The perfect day at the office is nice and varied, with working on papers, having (video) discussions, a good lunch in between, and collaborating with colleagues from different sections and branches.

Do you prefer to work alone or together? And why? What are your hobbies besides work?
I prefer to work with colleagues on big things and also love to occasionally work long and intently on a particular piece. I love good food, sports, cars and walking my dog.

What do you find most unique about yourself?
My discipline and energy and at the same time pragmatism and relatability.

How would your best friend describe you?
So I actually asked my best friend J this and he says the following: intelligent, sincere, reliable, thorough and relaxed.

What is your ultimate business goal?
To have varied work that continues to challenge me. That is fulfilling and allows me to continue to develop.