Machteld Groeneveld

What does a perfect day at the office look like to you?
A nice cup of coffee. A friendly face, a joke, a smile. Working together on something that adds value. Sometimes sparring together. Sometimes just get the brain cracking. Like to be with like-minded people. In the flow behind my computer screens. Pondering, looking at the sunshine, the blue sky and a little bird in the window.

Do you prefer to work alone or together? And why?
I have a need for both. If I am in the flow and need to meet deadlines, then preferably uninterrupted. Being able to alternate that with a pleasant chat, a nice story from someone I love. Learning from the experience of others, other knowledge and perspectives. At the same time, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience. Or together reduce complex “issues” to manageable ones.

What are your hobbies besides work?
My work is also a hobby. I do it with great love and pleasure. In addition, I love painting. I love to cook. Of wine. Wonderful with my feet in the water sitting on the dock in front of my houseboat with my friend. Dancing with friends. Early morning walks with my daughter, saying hello to the cows and spotting birds.

What do you find most unique about yourself?
My versatility. I combine sharpness with creativity. Let me be and give me space, then I come into my own best and can create in the broadest sense of the word.

How would your best friend describe you?
Sweet, funny and a little weird. Very direct, with a heart of gold.

What is your ultimate business goal?
My ambition lies in using my knowledge and experience and my person to help companies grow, prosper and flourish. Thereby making a positive contribution to the world. And be an inspiration to others.