An inside look at Tulleken Executive Search

We have been in existence for more than 10 years. A great time to give an inside look at Tulleken Executive Search. Because how exactly do we work you will probably think. We work with passion for the job by default, which is our USP. Once the passion for my work disappears I will also have to do something else I realize. But it is really far from that!
In recent years, I have visited many clients and seen countless candidates. For me, the focus is from the beginning: Quickly understanding where the client’s real needs lie and, on the other hand, experiencing what drives the candidate in their work to see if there is a sufficient match between them. I have also learned that passion for the craft in my case is sometimes patience. And that’s not my strongest attribute. Assignments have been completed within the space of a week, but also occasionally over a year! And even then, when almost everything is complete, it can just break down on a detail. The phase between offer of an employment contract or partnership agreement and its acceptance often still requires daily expectation management on both sides. And there, too, lies a fine role for me then.

Another part of my passion is working for a wide variety of organizations. Working simultaneously for small offices and family businesses as well as South Axis offices and multinationals makes my work very varied and thus very interesting. The different corporate cultures force me to always look closely at the question behind the question and the fulfillment of an always unique position. I make assignments my own quickly by easily empathizing with the company, the culture involved and the need. And then the search begins! I do this together with my experienced search team. Candidates presented I have always spoken to and seen extensively in person. Thus, each client is presented with the appropriate candidates.

Providing great satisfaction on all sides remains my ambition, or the change for the better!